Thursday, 12 April 2018

Mobile Blogging

I can't believe I haven't thought of this before, but I've just downloaded the Blogger app on my phone, so this is a test post to see what it's like to blog from my mobile...

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A Few Finished Objects...

These circles in squares...

... started out with the intention to be made into a blanket. But then I kind of got bored making them, so turned them into a cushion cover instead. The cushion cover came out a bit big and baggy, so in the end it got frogged back to it's component parts, and I decided to join the squares that I'd got, and then just do rounds of trebles in all the colours I'd used (bar a couple that I'd run out of), with a round of white in between. So that's what I did...

Crocheting on the stairs, whilst Junior was in the bath
On and on, round and round...

... until eventually it was big enough to cover our double bed (and too big to take a photo of it in it's entirety)

It's big, bright and colourful and it's used up quite a lot of my Stylecraft stash, which was the intention.

* * *

There have been two pairs of finished socks so far - one for me in the West Yorkshire Spinners 'Rum Paradise' colour, and one for Chris in WYS 'Bullfinch'.

Flap and gusset time!

Not in the way. Nope. Not at all...

* * *

I've also made two of these simple crochet cowls for Junior - this was the first one and is a bit big, so I made him a smaller one, but he likes to wear them both together:

* * *

Probably my biggest achievement to date though, is my Baable Hat!! I can't quite believe that I actually knitted this, using the colourwork technique of holding two different yarns, one in each hand! It's a bit on the big side, but still wearable, and very warm and cosy. I used Drops Nepal in Forest, Fog, Black and White, and I treated myself to a Clover pompom maker to make the large pompom.

A very rare sighting of me and my chins, in my baable hat and wellies, at an Easter Egg Hunt at Burton Agnes Hall!
* * *

I've got a few other things on the go at the moment, which is why not a lot has actually been finished. I've tried to stick to just having one WIP at a time, but I just can't do it, I just want to MAKE ALL THE THINGS!!!

Monday, 19 March 2018


It was a day off work for me today, but this afternoon I received a phone call from my manager to tell me that a much-loved colleague had passed away.

She'd been diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months ago, so we knew this day was coming, but it's too soon. It's always too soon, isn't it?

I'd worked with her for 14 years, from my very first day in this job. She'd been an unofficial mentor to me - probably sick of me asking questions all the time, but she always answered with patience and went to great lengths to explain things. There were times when we were in different offices, but for the most part we were in the same office, often in the same team, and even sitting opposite one another. I work for a hospital trust which covers several sites, and when I returned to work after my adoption leave, I was sent to a completely different hospital, so I hadn't seen her since 2014, which is something I'll always regret.

She was a wonderful person with an infectious giggle. She was always cold and wore a huge coat even in summer, but if we teased her about it (in a friendly way, she knew we weren't being unkind) she could see the funny side and laugh at herself. She drank gallons of Diet Pepsi, and she was partial to a whiskey or three as well. When we talked about the male urology specialty she called it 'willy-ology' and she once told me about a procedure on a certain male body part which meant I could never look at pigs in blankets in the same way again! We used to listen to Radio 2 in the office, but she preferred to wear headphones, so we were never sure if she was listening to the radio or her own music. But then Ken Bruce would be doing his Popmaster quiz and all of a sudden she'd shout out an answer and everyone would jump out of their skin! Her favourite song was Whiter Shade Of Pale by Procul Harum - whenever it came on the radio she'd look up from her work with a dreamy expression on her face and sigh "aah, Summer 1967". Sometimes she'd tell us a little bit about why that summer was such a good one (I think it may have involved riding on the back of a motorbike driven by a handsome young man!), but we never got the whole story, she liked to retain an air of mystery. I'll never hear that song now without thinking about her.

I can't believe she's gone. Even though I hadn't seen her for the last few years, I can't believe I'm never going to see her again. I feel so desperately sorry for her family, her husband (she moaned about him all the time but they adored each other), her children and young grandchildren.

Goodbye Christine, I'll miss you xxx

Friday, 9 March 2018

Bye Bye BritYarn

I've wanted to buy something from BritYarn for ages, but sadly Isla announced that she was shutting up shop at the end of March. So I got my skates on and made a purchase.

I was tempted by *lots* of things, but in the end I bought some WYS 4ply in 'Sour Apple' and 'Sarsaparilla' because these two colours coordinate with the Mojito and Rum Paradise colourways that I've already got, so there is scope for some mix and match socks there. I also got some long-coveted RingO's from Frip and Bib.

Best wishes for the future Isla.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Slimming World Update

From July up to Christmas last year I did really well, losing just over 2 stones. I knew that I wanted to relax over Christmas and enjoy all the yummy food and goodies, so I expected to put weight back on, and I gained about 5lbs back.

Since January though I've really struggled to get back into the Slimming World mentality, although I did have some (unwanted) help in the form of gastroenteritis - in just one day I actually lost the 5lbs I'd gained, so I was back to my pre-Christmas weight!

At the moment I'm kind of wavering up and down by a few lbs - most of the main meals we eat are quite healthy; I still cook a lot of SW meals - but it's the snacks that are creeping back in.

I've also stopped keeping a food diary, and I think this is probably my biggest mistake and the reason that I'm so off track, so I really need to get back into that habit.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Yarn and Kids Don't Mix...

4 year old out of shot at the top of the stairs, with a fistful of yarn

Don't tell anyone but I secretly enjoyed untangling this and winding it back up again ;-)